Creative Girls Club Guarantees Girls' Success!

With Creative Girls Club kits, your girl will:

* learn to PAINT!
* learn to BEAD!
* learn to STITCH!
* learn to SCRAPBOOK!
* and much more!

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Our craft kit series features the COOLEST, MOST TALKED-ABOUT new kid crafts

We find all the LATEST, most fun and doable projects (that don't need your supervision). You get all the credit and hugs ... while the confidence and creativity of your girl SOARS LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Practically overnight, your special girl will gain a new freedom to express herself through fun color combinations, pleasing shapes and textures. Her senses will come alive while she gains a new love of craftsmanship and beauty (and stays in touch with her precious silly side!).

You'll see her imagination blossom and the pride that comes with accomplishing projects on her own!

About every six weeks, two craft kits will be addressed directly to your girl and marked as a special gift from YOU!

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