Creative Girls Club

It's never been cooler

for your creative girl to express herself through crafting!

Thanks to CREATIVE GIRLS CLUB, crafting is helping young girls (ages 7 to 12) turn off the TV and turn on their creative light bulbs like never before.

While the girls have a blast making bright, colorful craft kits that express who they are, they are also ...

* gaining confidence!

* gaining a grip on who they are!

* learning fun craft techniques!

* discovering their creative talent!

Now, itís your turn to find out what the buzz is all about and enroll your special girl in the coolest, most talked about craft kit series in America!

And Creative Girls Club is the gift that keeps giving to that special girl. Order today and a big surprise package of fun will be delivered right to her door every six weeks or so. Each shipment will include new projects that are bound to inspire, entertain and enlighten.

Act now, and we'll send the first two kits at only $1.99 each (plus postage and processing), which is 80% off the member price. Then about every six weeks, we'll send two more exciting new kits for only $9.99 each (plus postage and processing). View the full terms here

Join Today!

With Creative Girls Club, all the ingredients
are in place for crafting.

We provide imaginative materials and step-by-step instructions. Each kit includes all of the materials your girl needs and easy-to-follow instructions with photos of every step. Nothing is left to chance--so little or NO adult supervision is needed. Like no other craft series, Creative Girls Club gets your girl crafting faster!